Dr Mothersille attends the Eurocode 7 anchor design meeting in Dusseldorf, Germany – Oct 2019

In his capacity as Lead GB Anchors Expert, Dr Mothersille attended the CEN TC250/SC7 WG3 TG5: ANCHORS meeting in Dusseldorf, Germany. In total 11 European representatives attended the meeting from eight countries; UK, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Romania, Germany , Ireland and Denmark.

During long and intensive sessions the group successfully managed to address the outstanding comments on the 3rd draft of the design standard that were not covered during a similar meeting held in Brussels in September. In addition, clauses from the standard were amended as they were discussed which amounted to a very productive session for all concerned. The revised draft is scheduled for submission at the end of October 2019.









CEN TC 250/SC7/Task Group 5 from left to right.
Ole Muller (Denmark), Eric Farell (Ireland), Noel Huybrechts (Belgium), Devon Mothersille (UK), Klaus Dietz (Germany), Eva Dornecker (Germany), Ira Gutjahr (France), Barton Admiraal (Netherlands),
John-Paul Volcke (France).
Alexandra Ene (Romania) also attended the meeting but was not present when the photograph was taken

Dr Devon Mothersille presents at the 40th Annual Short Course: Grouting Fundamentals & Current Practice – Sept 19

The annual short course on grouting fundamentals and current practice was conceived some 40 years ago. After considerable efforts on the part of the organizers and close collaboration with the main sponsors Ernst & Sohn, the short course was held for the first time in Europe. The venue was the Bundeswehr University Munich and comprised three and half days of lectures and an outstanding half-day field session where various specialist contractors demonstrated their expertise in areas such as chemical grouting, grouted anchor load monitoring, sonic drilling, and the use of microfine cement grouts.   Enjoy some photographs from the event.









Dr Mothersille delivers his presentation at the short course









Practical demonstration of the ability of chemical grouts to permeate sands









Demonstrating the load extension characteristic of a grouted anchor














Full scale demonstration of sonic drilling through overburden to recover samples and in underlying stratum









Use of acrylic resin as a corrosion inhibitor for steel components






Overview of field demonstration site









Speakers dinner held at the Augustiner-Keller restaurant near MarienPlatz, Munich


Dr Mothersille attends the Eurocode 7 anchor design meeting in Brussels – Sept 19

In his capacity as nominated GB expert, Dr Mothersille attended the CEN TC250/SC7 WG3 TG5: ANCHORS meeting in Brussels.  The objective of the meeting was to review and further develop the latest draft of EC7-3; Chapter 8 which addresses the design of anchors.









European representatives engage in discussions during technical meeting









From left to right: Klaus Dietz (Germany), Ira Gutjahr (France) , Barton Admiraal (Netherlands), Noel Huybrechts (Belgium), John-Paul Volcke (France), Eva Dornecker (Germany) and Devon Mothersille (GB)

Dr Rasin Duzceer delivers an outstanding presentation at the XVII European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering Reykjavik, Iceland – Sept 2019

Single Bore Multiple Anchor Limited continues to strengthen its long term relationship with Istanbul based specialist foundation contractor Kasktaş AŞ. The General Manager Dr Rasin Duzceer has championed SBMA technology for a number of years and delivered an outstanding presentation in Technical Session 204 (Underground Construction) at the XVII European Conference on Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering held in Reykjavik, Iceland. The presentation, entitled ‘Single Bore Multiple Anchored Diaphragm Walls in Deep Soft Alluvial Soils’, was well received and invited a number of interesting questions from the audience.

The conference, held at the Harpa Conference Centre, was attended by some 900 international delegates and included keynote lectures from prominent individuals within the geotechnical industry.










Dr Rasin Duzceer enjoys the conference exhibitions








Dr Rasin Duzceer prepares to deliver his presentation on the use of SBMA technology for the support of diaphragm walls in alluvial soils

Meeting an old university colleague after 34 years! – June 2019

The last time old friends and colleagues Mr Gabriel Ige and Dr Devon Mothersille met was in 1985 during the graduation ceremony for their first degrees in Civil and Structural Engineering at the university of Bradford in West Yorkshire (UK).  34 years on Gabriel Ige is the Regional Planning Manager for Building at Vinci Construction and after establishing contact via Linkedin, he invited Dr Mothersille to a lunchtime meeting at Vinci Construction’s UK headquarters in Watford.

The useful discussions identified several areas of common professional interest and confirmed that through Vinci offices across the world there is realistic potential that Dr Mothersille’s specialist geotechnical expertise could be utilized by the organisation.










Mr Gabriel Ige and Dr Devon Mothersille at Vinci Construction’s UK headquarters in Watford

Grouting Fundamentals & Current Practice – 40th Annual Short Course in Munich – 16th-19th September 2019

In 1979 the renowned Grouting Fundamentals & Current Practice short course was founded in the USA, and since then has provided unique professional training and education to thousands of grouting professionals worldwide.  In response to industry interest, the course organisers are pleased to now offer this exceptional training opportunity in Munich, Germany.  The 1st European course edition includes a faculty of 15 experts from 10 countries, providing exceptional breadth and expertise concerning grouting fundamentals and international best practices.

This unique 4-day professional training program covers pressure grouting as a method to improve geotechnical properties of soils and rock masses, with special focus on mechanisms, theories, and practical applications of grouting to ground densification and strengthening, permeability reduction and groundwater cutoffs.   The curriculum has been developed specifically for Owners, Regulators, Consultants and Contractors having interest in the applications of pressure grouting to a broad array of geo-structural construction and remediation techniques.











Major course topics include:

  • grout rheology
  • cementitious and chemical grouting procedures
  • overburden and rock drilling methods
  • optimizing grouting during construction
  • jet grouting
  • deep soil mixing
  • composite seepage barriers
  • compaction grouting
  • rock anchors and SBMA design
  • micropiles
  • compensation grouting
  • permeation grouting
  • GIN and RTGC in rock grouting
  • amenability theory
  • pre-excavation grouting for rock tunnels
  • concrete repair

The course also includes a half-day “hands-on” field demonstration focusing on grouting materials, procedures and equipment.


Dr Devon Mothersille enjoys an evening at the Royal Overseas League headquarters in London with Emeritus Professor Tony Swain – May 2019

Following the successful delivery of a lecture at a British Geotechnical Association meeting on the previous day, Dr Mothersille enjoyed an evening of discussions on research opportunities with Emeritus Professor of Transport Infrastructure Engineering at University College London, Tony Swain.










Professor Tony Swain and Dr Devon Mothersille enjoy an evening of discussions at the Royal Overseas League headquarters in London