Technical Papers (Archived)

Archived below are technical papers that you can download (pdf) covering the following subjects:

  • General Anchors;
  • Chalk Anchors;
  • Single Bore Multiple Anchors in Soil & Weak Rock;
  • Anchor Tendon Corrosion Protection;
  • Anchor Grout;
  • Anchor Lift-Off Testing;
  • Failed Anchor Structure;
  • Removable Temporary Anchors;
  • European Code of Practice;
  • Soil-Nailing;
  • Actively Stressed Soil Nails.

General Anchors

Anchors for Testing Piles_Barley_Civil Engineering_1982

Inspection of Anchorages Supporting Waterside Structures_Barley_Mothersille_International Conference on Anchors_Nov 2007

Ground Anchorages in Waterfront Structures_Barley_International Shipping and Marine Technology Market with Congress_Hamburg

Recent Advances in Ground Anchor Technology with Reference to the Development of the Art_Barley_Windsor_GEO International Conference_2000

Protection of Public Beaches in Gibraltar by Stabilisation of Quarried Cliffs Using Rock Anchors_Barley_Burke_ICE Conference

Slope Stabilisation by New Ground Anchorage Systems in Rock and Soils_Barley_ICE Conference_Isle of Wight

Fixed Anchor Design Guidelines_Ostermeyer and Barley_Geotechnical Engineering Handbook Vol 2_2003

Chalk Anchors

Exhumation and Design of Anchorages in Chalk_Barley_Mothersille_Weerasinghe_ICE Publication_2003

Chalk Anchorages, exhumation, load transfer mechanism and design guidelines_Barley_Mothersille_Weerasinghe_ICE Proceedings_2002

Single Bore Multiple Anchors in Soil and Weak Rocks

Anchor Advances_Peter Jewell KBR. Report on BGA meeting, ICE, 13 November 2002

Case History of Satisfactory Performance, Shortcomings and Failures in Services – Freeport Mine_November 2007, ICE London

Dublin Port weighs anchors_Dan Simpson

Enhancement of Ground Anchor Design based on Tests of Multiple Anchors_A.D. Barley, C. Eng. and M.E. Bruce, P.E. Dallas, Texas, USA November

Fixed Anchor Design Guidelines_Geotechnical Engineering Handbook Vol. 2 Pub. Ernst & Sohn, 2003 Author H Ostermeyer and A D Barley, 2003

High Capacity, Fully Removable Soil Anchors_A.D. Barley, D A Bruce, M E Bruce, J C Lang and H Aschenbroich, 2003

Multiple Anchors hold down the Millenium Man_A.D. Barley, Simon Dale, 1999

Multiple Choice_Margot Cole. ‘New Civil Engineer’, December 16, 2001

Post grouted SBMAs, Michigan_M E Bruce, R P Traylor, A.D. Barley, D A Bruce and J Gomez, GeoSupport 2004, Florida, February 4-7,2004

The Single Bore Multiple Anchor System_A.D. Barley. Paper presented at the ICE Conference, Ground Anchorages and Anchored Structures, 1997

Theory and Practice of the SBMA System_A.D. Barley. Presented at International Symposium , Saltzburg, Austria, October 9th and 10th 1995

Two Important Recent Developments in Ground Anchor Technology_D A Bruce and A D Barley

Ultra High Capacity and Totally Removable Tiebacks_A.D. Barley and M E Bruce, published in ‘Foundation Drilling’, ADSC journal August 2005

Anchor Tendon Corrosion Protection

Efficiency of Prestressing Heads_A.D. Barley Published in ‘Foundation Drilling’, magazine of ADSC, May 2005

Ground Anchor Tendon Protected Against Corrosion and Damage by a Double Plastic Layer_A.D. Barley. Presented at the ICE Conference, London 1997

Ground Anchor Tendons in Carbon Fibre-Reinforced Polymers_A.D. Barley & John Hartley for presentation atICE London, 2007

Engineering assessment of grease-filled annulus of sheathed prestressing strand used in permanent ground anchorages_Barley_Mothersille_2007

Test 65_Investigation of Crack Distribution and Crack Width Formed in Unrestrained Encapsulation Grouts During Tendon Stressing_Barley_1993

Anchor Grout

Properties of Anchor Grouts in a Confined State_A.D. Barley_ICE Conference_London_March_1997

Anchor Lift-Off Testing

Engineering assessment of grease-filled annulus of sheathed prestressing strand used in permanent ground anchorages_Barley_Mothersille_2007

Failed Anchor Structure

Investigation of the Failure of Permanent Anchorages adjacent to a Tidal Surge Barrier_A.D. Barley; D Mothersille; P Charnley, ICE, London, 2007

The Failure of a 21 Year Old anchored sheet Pile Quay Wall on the Thames_A.D. Barley. Ground Engineering March 1997

Removable Temporary Anchors

Reinforced Soil Mix Wall Cofferdam Supported by High Capacity Removable Anchors_Barley_Payne_McBarron_AGS Seminar_ICE_1998

Service Performance of Multiple Anchors in Difficult Ground Conditions,Permanent and Temporary Removable Anchors_Barley_Edwards_2007

Six Rows of High Capacity Removable Anchors Support Deep Soil Mix Cofferdam_Barley_Payne_McBarron_European Conference_Amsterdam_1999

Cofferdams Supported by Removable Temporary Anchors_A.D. Barley. Reproduced from NATM, May 1999

European Code of Practice

The Execution of Ground Anchor Works_The European Standard prEN1537. Authors Dr C.M. Merrifield, A.D. Barley, U Von Matt, ICE, London, 1997


Vegetation and Soil Nailing_Barley_Presented at University Museum_Oxford_1994

New Zealand Town Expands Using Multiple Anchors and Actively Stressed Soil Nails_Barley_Ground Engineering_2004

Trial Soil Nails on Tunnel Face Support in London Clay, Tendon Stiffness, Bond Length and Load Transfer_Barley_Graham_1997

Slope Stabilisation by Soil Nails and Replacement by Anchored Bored Pile Wall for Area Development_Ground Engineering February 2002

Soil Nailing Case Histories and Developments_A.D. Barley. Presented at ICE Conference on Retaining Structures at Cambridge in July 1992

Actively Stressed Soil Nails

Post Stressed Soil Nailing – A Synopsis_ Pirooz Barer, S E, PA&B Inc

The Actively Stressed Soil Nail System with Corrosion Protection_Barley_Mothersille_Conference on Slope Engineering_Malaysia_2006

The Actively Stressed Soil Nail System,Complete with Corrosion Protection (Patented)_A.D. Barley


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