Dr Devon Mothersille arrives in South Africa as lead anchor consultant for the raising of Hazelmere dam – November 2015

Three years of planning and complex tender negotiations have finally resulted in the commencement of major upgrade works at Hazelmere dam in the region of KwaZulu Natal, Durban, South Africa.   The original structure, completed in the 1977, is approximately 44m high, 478m long and is an essential part of the water supply infrastructure for communities served by the Mdloti River.

Dr Mothersille was originally approached by French owned consultants Ingerop SA in 2012 but was formally engaged as lead technical consultant for the extensive post-tensioned rock anchor works in June 2015. This challenging project is programmed to last 24 months and will incorporate state-of-the art technology never before used in South Africa.

Further postings will be made as this fascinating project progresses.








Superstructure of Hazelmere during demolition works at the spillway location










Demolition works at the spillway location at Hazelmere dam










Mr Duane Booyse (Resident Engineer, Ingerop) and Dr Devon Mothersille on the dam crest








Dr Devon Mothersille and Rakesh Harikasun (Clerk of Works) assists site staff in establishing and confirming key reinforcement parameters for trial anchor stressing blocks








Dr Devon Mothersille inspects first trial anchor stressing block to be used in the investigation test programme comprising of seven trial anchors








Dr Devon Mothersille and his partner Ms Jennifer Harris standing downstream adjacent to the spilling basin of Hazelmere dam









‘AnchorTest’ software formally launched in Mexico City – 11th November 2015

The 3rd International Conference on Deep Foundations (Deep Foundations and Soil Improvement in Soft Soils), co-sponsored by the Deep Foundation Institute, was the forum which saw the formal launch of AnchorTestTM.

AnchorTestTM is an innovative tool, specifically designed for iPad that was developed by AnchorTest Ltd and has achieved full approve from Apple Inc. The software permits real-time analysis, data management and cloud synchronization of the data produced during the mandatory testing of ground anchors of all types and capacities. Amongst its many features it incorporates image capture facilities, GPS location services and built in checks on anchor acceptance criteria in accordance with all major international codes of practice. It is predicted that this system will have a profound effect on the ground anchor industry world-wide and has already been successfully implemented on a major Oil Refinery project in Turkey and several ground anchor projects in Australia including the monitoring of loads in post-tensioned dams. Its most recent application was during the construction of the new US Embassy in Moscow, Russia.

For more information please visit:  www.anchortest.info 








Dr Mothersille presents the opening slide for AnchorTestTM at the 3rd International Conference on Deep Foundations in Mexico








Dr Mothersille presents the final slide for AnchorTestTM at the 3rd International Conference on Deep Foundations in Mexico, confirming full approval from Apple Inc.

Dr Devon Mothersille delivers an outstanding presentation in Mexico City – 11th November 2015

Dr Mothersille attended the 3rd International Conference on Deep Foundations (Deep Foundations and Soil Improvement in Soft Soils) which was held at Mexico’s Engineering Institute Camino a Santa Teresa No. 187, Tlalpan, Parques del Pedregal, 14101 Ciudad de Mexico, D.F.

The conference was attended by some 250 delegates many of which represented branches of the geotechnical engineering industry in the US as well as Mexico.

The presentation supported a technical paper entitled ‘The support of a 25m deep excavation in difficult ground conditions using Single Bore Multiple Anchor technology’. Both the technical paper and the presentation also covered AnchorTestTM the latest innovation developed by AnchorTest Ltd which provides real-time, paperless and intuitive analysis solutions for ground anchors during the mandatory testing and monitoring phase.

The response to SBMA technology was every positive, massively enthusiastic and this has paved the way for extensive opportunities to apply the technology in Mexico and the US.








Dr Mothersille presents the opening slide on behalf of SBMA Ltd at the 3rd International Conference on Deep Foundations in Mexico








Speakers at  the 3rd International Conference on Deep Foundations in Mexico, top row from left to right
Roger Archabal, Gustavo Langoni, Charles Wilk, Antonio Marinucci, Devon Mothersille, Takefumi Takuma, Franz-Werner Gerressen. Bottom row; Walter Paniagua Zavala, Daniel Pradel, Pete Deming, Mary-Ellen Large






Dr Mothersille and Mr Pete Deming (Partner at Mueser Rutledge Consulting Engineers, New York, US)





Dr Mothersille joined by Mexican postgraduate students at the 3rd International Conference on Deep Foundations