Dr Mothersille visits Arklet dam, Scotland – February 2015

Dr Mothersille joined Mr Jim Shields (Regional Manager of Bam Ritchies) on site at Loch Arklet reservoir to discuss aspects of the strengthening works for Arklet dam, situated some 40 miles north west of Glasgow.  The 100 year old masonry faced concrete gravity dam was strengthened by the installation of 64 vertical ground anchors, installed in 311mm diameter holes up to 54.5m long and with working loads of up to 4000kN. Bam Ritchies used their experience and expertise to execute the anchor works in difficult conditions and with very severe restrictions on working space. The project is scheduled for completion in April 2015

Fig 1. Pat Mayberry (Site Foreman) explains to Jim Shields and Devon Mothersille how anchor presstressing strand had to be temporarily bent horizontal to permit the passage of construction plant along the narrow dam crest.

Fig 2. Jim Shield and Devon Mothersille discuss technical aspects of the ground anchor installation, grouting and stressing.

Fig 3. 6800kN long stroke stressing jack, supplied by DSI, was used to apply the required cyclic load tests in accordance with BS8081:1989.

Fig 4. Jim Shields and Devon Mothersille discuss future innovations and new technology currently being developed for the ground anchor industry.