March 2014 – SBMA invited to deliver a special presentation at the Technical University, Kingston Jamaica, West Indies


In March 2014 SBMA Ltd were invited to deliver a special presentation at the University of Technology, Kingston, Jamaica, West indies. The seminar entitled ‘An introduction to ground anchor technology’ was delivered to senior staff at the university, members of the Jamaican Institute of Engineers and was hosted by the faculties of Engineering, Computing and the Built Environment.



Presentation synopsis

Since the first major civil engineering application of ground anchors during the raising of the Cheurfas Dam, Algeria in 1934, hundreds of thousands of anchors have been installed with an ever increasing number of applications and growing demands for higher individual anchor loads. However, in the early stages of the ground anchor evolution, design approaches underwent very few changes, the majority of anchor designs were acutely conservative and there was an absence of anchor failures.

As the number of installations have increased so to have the requirements for stricter guidelines, on the design, construction and testing of anchors. Over the past 40 years ground anchor codes of practice and published guidelines have emerged throughout the world and most recently proposals have been made to replace national codes of practice, in European countries, with unified documents (Eurocodes and Euronorms).

With this background in mind the presentation will provide the audience with an insight into ground anchor technology using examples and case histories from around the world. At the end of the presentation attendees will have an improved fundamental understanding of how ground anchors are designed, constructed, tested, maintained and monitored.

FNC11205Photo: Dr Devon Mothersille shares the platform with Dr Felix Oluwole Akinladejo, Associate Professor (Computer Science, UTech, Jamaica)





Photo: Dr Devon Mothersille discussing future applications with Dr Noel Brown (President of Jamaican Institute of Engineers