ANZ Conference July 2012 (Melbourne, Australia)

Dr Devon Mothersille attended the ANZ conference at the Melbourne Conference Centre to support SBMA Ltd’s licensee Geotech Group. Geotech were the main sponsors for the event and constructed an excellent display booth which featured physical models of a four unit single bore multiple anchor and a removable anchor incorporating SBMA’s looped strand/saddle system. The display was designed by Mr Darren Loidl (Geotech). Dr Mothersille delivered a presentation on a paper, co-authored by Dr Matthew Sentry (Geotech), entitled ‘Removable Single Bore Multiple Anchors – advancement in temporary ground anchors systems’. Dr Sentry also presented a paper on durability testing of carbon fibre tendons for ground anchors and Mr Bede Noonan (Geotech) delivered the major sponsor address on behalf of Geotech Group.