Successful use of AnchorTestTM at Hazelmere dam, South Africa – March 2016

The innovative tablet based software AnchorTestTM has been successfully used for real-time analysis and data management during the investigation test programme at Hazelmere dam in Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. This is the first use of this type of software by the specialist anchor contractor, SRG and the first use of this technology in South Africa.

The software will now form an integral part of the production anchor works since it will be used for both on-site Suitability and on-site Acceptance tests throughout the duration of the project.








Photo 1: SRG Site Engineer Mr Vutshila Mkhatshwa uses the AnchorTestTM for iPad to analyse load/extension data in real-time










Photo 2: AnchorTestTM for iPad used by the Engineer’s team to independently check the contractor’s data input and test results










Photo 3: Vutshila Mkhatshwa (SRG), Nkosikhona Mbatha (SRG) and Philani Nyembe (Group 5) prepare to input the next set of readings in AnchorTestTM




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Hazelmere Dam – Investigation test programme completed – March 2016

A comprehensive programme of investigation tests, for the Hazelmere dam upgrade, that started in December 2015 has now been completed. The work involved the construction of four 61No. strand test anchors at four locations across the dam site. The trial anchors were installed in 355mm diameter boreholes and comprised free lengths of between 34m and 36m and bond lengths of 3.0m. With individual strand strengths of circa 279kN, these are arguably the largest sacrificial test anchors ever undertaken, reaching maximum test loads of 13615kN without exhibiting failure or creep.

The photo below shows a fully extended ram of the 15000kN capacity stressing jack and the pressure gauge on the pump registering 62MPa (equivalent to 13615kN) during the final sacrificial anchor trial.


Dr Mothersille meets with Ingerop senior executives – March 2016

Members from Ingerop’s senior executive staff traveled from Paris, France to visit the site of the Hazelmere Dam upgrade in South Africa. During the course of the visit Dr Devon Mothersille delivered a joint presentation with Resident Engineer Mr Duane Booyse which summarized progress of the dam upgrade construction work with particular reference to the extensive test anchor programme.

The President of Ingerop, Mr Yves Metz and the Head of Scientific and Technical Directory, Mr François Lacroix have extended personal invitations to Dr Mothersille to visit their offices in Paris later this year to discuss synergies and potential areas of collaboration.

In the photograph below Dr Mothersille enjoys a meal with Ingerop’s senior managers and executives from Ingerop France and Ingerop South Africa.



26-27 NOVEMBER 2015

Dr Rasin Duzceer (Vice President to Kasktaş AŞ ), delivered a presentation at the special SBMA session of the 6th Geotechnical Symposium which was jointly organized by Adana Çukurova University and the Chamber of Civil Engineers which was held on the 26-27 November 2015 in Turkey. SBMA Ltd wish to take this opportunity to thank Dr Duzceer for his efforts in educating the delegates on the benefits derived from implementing SBMA technology.