Dr Devon Mothersille inspects Steenbras Lower Dam, Cape Town, South Africa

Steenbras Lower dam is one of a number of structures that form a crucial part of Cape Town’s water storage infrastructure. Originally constructed in 1921, Steenbras Lower dam was raised by 12.3m in 1927 and by a further 1.98m in 1954.

Dr Mothersille was invited by key representatives from the Cape Town Municipality to inspect the condition of the dam, with particular reference to the post-tensioned anchors installed to ensure structural stability. The contents of Dr Mothersille’s report will assist in developing a forward strategy for maintenance of the dam.

Photograph (left to right); Mr Roland Moolan (Area Manager, Cape Town Water), Mr DJ Hagen (Ingerop), Mr Frans Tredoux (Cape Town Water & Sanitation) and Dr Devon Mothersille (Geoserve Global Ltd).