Dr Mothersille visits business associates in Turkey: Anchor works for the Mahall Bomonti development in Izmir, Turkey complete – March 2018

Specialist foundation contractor Kasktas AS have successfully implemented SBMA technology on three deep excavations that will form an essential part of the prestigious Mahall Bomonti development in Izmir, Turkey. In total some 1900No. SBMAs were constructed in problematic alluvial soils and under a high water table. When complete the superstructure will be 245m high and will be the tallest building in Izmir and the third tallest in Turkey.

The successful execution of this project maintains the high standards produced by Kasktas AS throughout their association with SBMA Ltd and this will prove highly beneficial to clients within the region for future projects.

Details of the performance of the anchored structures are featured in a technical paper that has been accepted and will be presented at the DFI conference in Rome (June  2018).








Figure 1: From left to right Mr Metin Akkaya (Project Manager, Kasktas), Dr Devon Mothersille and Mr Gökhan Makas (Safety Officer, Kasktas) stand on the periphery of the 80cm thick anchored diaphragm wall at excavation site A (support via approx 1100 SBMAs)








Figure 2: Excavation site B showing placement of foundation slab reinforcement (support via approx 600 SBMAs)








Figure 3: Excavation site C showing combination of struts and anchors (support via approx 200 SBMAs)








Figure 4: Current view of the spectacular slope stability works undertaken by Kasktas AS using high capacity SBMAs for the STAR Oil Refinery in Aliağa, Izmir, Turkey – project completed 2015










Figure 5: Turkey’s Mount Rushmore! The impressive sculpture of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the founding father of modern Turkey



Important visit to Corniche Towers’ construction site in Abu Dhabi – February/March 2018

Further to the successful publication of an article featuring the use of the innovative AnchorTest software on the Corniche Towers project in the Sept/Oct 2017 edition of Deep Foundations Insitute magazine, Dr Devon Mothersille visited the site in Abu Dhabi.

Prior to the site visit a very positive meeting was held at Bauer International FZE’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi to discuss future collaboration, market opportunities and research and development between the companies in the UAE and surrounding regions.









Bauer International FZE (UAE) senior management team:

From left to right: Mr Farid Mansour (Technical Director, Bauer), Mr Marco Vogel (Regional Director, Bauer), Dr Devon Mothersille (MD, SBMA Ltd) and Mr Bora Okumusoglu (Design Manager, Bauer)








View of the Corniche Towers showing the removable anchors supporting a diaphragm wall and struts supporting an area that could not be anchored due to the presence of piles supporting an adjacent Mosque











Key members of the Corniche Towers site team from left to right:

Mr Balaji Thamatam (Geotechnical Design Engineer, Bauer), Mr Mohammad Saeed (Project Manager), Dr Devon Mothersille, Mr Sven Zitza (Superintendent for anchoring works, Bauer) and Mr Marinder Singh (Project Manager, Bauer)










Dr Mothersille and Mr Bora Okumusoglu (Design Manager, Bauer) visit the world famous Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi








The spectacular Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi during sunset