BS8081:2015 has been published! – Aug 2015

Dr Devon Mothersille, in association with British Standards Institution and Manchester based geotechnical consultants Coffey Geotechnics, has completed the revision of BS8081:2015; the British Code of Practice for Grouted Anchors. The original document, BS8081:1989, was arguably the most comprehensive ground anchor code of practice in the world but with the introduction of Eurocode 7 there was a requirement to revise the original 180 page document so that it is compatible with contemporary standards, and more importantly, provides non-contradictory complementary information. A special mention should be given to Dr Caesar Merrifield and Professor Stuart Littlejohn for their input in the drafting and review process, respectively. Dr Mothersille also wishes to acknowledge the efforts of the technical committee and particularly Dr Brian Simpson MBE for his invaluable contribution in assisting with the review of this pivotal document.
The document is available for purchase on the BSI Shop website at 

Ex-Director and founder of Geotech Group Gerry Noonan and his wife Bev Noonan visit London in July 2015

Dr Devon Mothersille’s association with Geotech Group dates back to 2000 when he was engaged by the Transfield-Obayashi joint venture to implement the ground anchoring strategies for the Burnley Tunnel restoration/stabilisation in Melbourne, Australia. Since that time he has maintained close relations with Geotech Group and had the pleasure of entertaining founder and former Director of Geotech Group , Mr Gerry Noonan and his wife Bev during their recent visit to London.
Dr Mothersille shares a funny moment with Gerry & Bev Noonan at the Shard Tower in London.