Dr Devon Mothersille presents at the Grouting Fundamentals and Current Practice Conference in Austin, Texas -June 2016

Grouting forms an essential component in a ground anchor system and its effective placement can present many challenges in the field during the execution process. On 12th June 2016, Dr Mothersille flew to Austin, Texas to attend the Grouting Fundamentals & Current Practice conference which ran over five days (13th – 17th June 2016) with a half day of field demonstrations held on 15th June 2016.
It was said on several occasions during the conference that the speakers were arguably the most experienced and technically qualified in the field of grouting worldwide. Unexpectedly, the highly respected geotechnical engineer Dr Donald Bruce and the conference chairman Dr Scott Kieffer invited Dr Mothersille to address the audience to describe his experiences with ultra-high capacity rock anchors with particular reference to grouting. With just one night to prepare Dr Mothersille created a PowerPoint presentation and delivered it the next morning.
Dr Mothersille considered this a high point in his career, sharing a platform with specialists such as Dr Donald Bruce, Dr Scott  Kieffer, Jim Warner, George Burke, Cliff Kettle, Dr Trevor Carter, Paolo Gazzarrini, Trent Dreese, Maren Katterbach and others.
Photographs show Dr Mothersille sitting in the audience and also presenting to the delegates.



Installation of dress rehearsal anchor at Hazelmere dam complete – June 2016

The final stage of the test anchor programme at Hazelmere dam is nearing completion with the installation of the fifth test anchor (referred to as the dress rehearsal anchor) in the crest of the dam. The four previous test anchors were designed and constructed at various locations in and around the stilling basin to quantify the geotechnical capacity of the ground for design purposes. The objective of the dress rehearsal anchor was to provide an opportunity for the specialist anchor contractor to demonstrate their abilities to execute a fully corrosion protected anchor in the location of the proposed production anchors.   This anchor is effectively the first full scale anchor installed in the crest of the dam and its installation was meticulously scrutinised by specialist anchor consultant Dr Devon Mothersille. Over the next month the grouted tendon will cure until it acquires the appropriate levels of strength before the stressing and testing of the anchor will take place and this is scheduled for mid-July 2016.

Photograph shows Dr Mothersille standing next to the 61 strand, 80m long dress rehearsal anchor.

DR complete

Special Anchor meeting held at BSI, London on the 2nd & 3rd June 2016

After months of dedicated endeavor, ISO/TC 182/WG 3 has completed a comprehensive review of prEN ISO22477-5 (Geotechnical investigation and testing – Testing of grouted anchors) under the guidance of Convenor Dr Devon Mothersille.  After addressing some 392 comments on a provisional draft in April 2015, the group tackled 67 comments at a sub-group meeting in Leuven, Belgium in April 2016 and  further 98 comments at a working group meeting held at the British Standards Institution (BSI) in London in June 2016.  The document has been submitted to BSI and who will then submit it for public enquiry.

Photograph shows Dr Mothersille with Mr Klaus Dietz (Chairman of the German Anchor Group) deliberating over some difficult clauses








Photograph below shows the 6 members who attended the meeting: from left to right Ole Moller (Denmark), Chris Irvin (UK), Dr Devon Mothersille (UK), Tarmo Tarkkio (Finland), Jad Diab (France), Klaus Dietz (Germany)