Bald Leaders – April 2016

Dr Devon Mothersille (Managing Director; SBMA Ltd, Geoserve Global Ltd and AnchorTest Ltd) shares a funny moment on site with Mr Shakendra Bhagwandin (Regional Manager; Ingerop – Kwazulu Natal) and Mr Neelesh Daya (Managing Director; Ingerop South Africa).

DSC_0218 (2) (1280x853)


Dr Devon Mothersille delivers lecture to staff at Ingerop South Africa’s Durban office – April 2016

As part of an initiative to inform staff about the latest technologies, particularly when they are implemented in prestige projects, Ingerop South Africa invited Dr Mothersille to deliver an informal lecture to the staff in its Durban office. The lecture, entitled ‘An Introduction to Ground anchor Technology’,  was well received and prompted enthusiastic questions  from the attentive audience.  In addition to covering worldwide applications and basic aspects on design, construction, testing and monitoring, the lecture summarized the results from the recent trial anchor test programme undertaken at Hazelmere dam.

The photograph shows Dr Mothersille introducing the concept of ground anchoring by drawing on the analogy of a boat anchored to the seabed.