First meeting of Working Group 3 – EN ISO 22477-5 – 13th & 14th April 15

As chairman of special committee ISO/TC182/SC1/WG3 (engaged to revise the international standard on the testing of grouted anchors), Dr Devon Mothersille successfully convened the first working group meeting for European experts at BSI head offices in Chiswick, London. The meeting was attended by 9 European ground anchor experts and conducted over two long working days. The event was sponsored by Single Bore Multiple Anchor Limited and Dywidag-Systems International.

01f74ddf5154f63ec8da75191fcb721c8b402a8105Dr Devon Mothersille (Chairman) & Magnus Ruin (Swedish delegate)







Dr Mothersille addresses the European experts of Working Group 3. Clockwise from Dr Mothersille: Magnus Ruin (Sweden), Chris Irvin (UK), Arne Schram Simonsen (Norway), Yves Legendre (France), Tarmo Tarkkio (Finland), Klaus Dietz (Germany), Ole Moller (Denmark), Robert Schippers (Netherlands).





Visit to ISO Technical meeting in Oslo, Norway – 19th-20th March 15

As a Convenor to Working Group 3 (engaged to revise EN ISO 22477-5, Testing of Anchors) Dr Devon Mothersille attended a technical committee meeting in Oslo, Norway. This trip also included a visit to the laboratories of the world famous Norwegian Geotechnical Institute and the renowned libraries of Professor Karl Terzaghi and Professor Ralph Peck .


3rd Workshop on Eurocode 7 and New Design Challenges- 17th March 15

IMG_1285(crop)On 17th March 2015 Dr Devon Mothersille joined a group of five other speakers to deliver a joint presentation at University College London on Eurocode 7 and the new design challenges. As a consultant to Coffey Geotechnics Dr Mothersille partnered with Dr Caesar Merrifield to present  the revision of the British Standards Code of Practice on ground anchors (DPC BS8081:2015).

A summary of the whole presentation and brief biographies of the speakers can be found at the following link:-