Substantial progress being made on SBMA’s Izmir Contract – December 15

The slope stabilization works at the STAR Oil Refinery in Izmir, Turkey is one of the largest of its type in the world. The nature of the ground conditions (volcanic Tuff with varying degrees of weathering) necessitated the use of SBMA technology in order to achieve the 3800kN proof loads demanded by the project.

The scale of the project was so big that the owner elected to engage the services of two independent specialist anchor contractors; Kasktas A S (Turkey) and Keller (Austria). Both contractors are business associates of SBMA Ltd, who granted the licences to undertake the works.  The project also saw two world firsts;  the use of AnchorTest TM software for the analysis and data management processes and the use of a single hollow ram jack to undertake the stressing of  multi-unit ground anchors.

An example of the stabilization works is shown in Figure 1.








Figure 1: Successful implementation of SBMA technology on Terrace 5 & 6 at the STAR Oil Refinery at Izmir, Turkey.