Visit to DIN central office in Berlin, Germany – Nov 14

In October 2014 Dr Devon Mothersille was formally appointed Convenor to Working Group 3 (WG3) after a special resolution was approved by International Standards Organisation (ISO) members. Essentially WG3 is  engaged to facilitate the revision of EN ISO 22477-5 ‘Testing of Geotechnical Structures – Testing of  pre-stressed ground anchors’. In his capacity as Convenor, in November 2014, Dr Mothersille attended a sub-committee meeting (ISO/TC182/SC1) held at DIN central offices in Berlin, Germany. Dr Mothersille presented the historic status of the draft document (prEN ISO 22447-5) and also a forward strategy for engaging new members for WG3 and completing this long-awaited  testing standard.


Dr Devon Mothersille stands alongside statutes of eminent thinkers C.P.W. Beuth (main instigator of Prussia’s industrial renewal) and W.v.Humboldt (founder of the University of Berlin) outside DIN headquarters in Berlin, Germany






Dr Devon Mothersille and Professor David Norbury are the two UK representatives at the ISO/TC 182/SC1 meeting in Berlin, Germany





Dr Devon Mothersille joins Geo-Trust – Nov 14

Geo-Trust is essentially a network of likeminded companies and individuals who provide clients with an enhanced portfolio of geotechnical services, having ready access to a referral list of top experts. Geo-Trust members are among the most successful companies and individuals in the industry at understanding and implementing their areas of geotechnical expertise. Donald_Devon1

Dr Donald Bruce (left) and Dr Devon Mothersille (right) celebrate Devon’s inclusion as one of the Geo-Trust experts during a recent trip to Phoenix, Arizona.