Dr Antonio Marinucci will represent AnchorTest Ltd and SBMA Ltd in the US/Canada – July 2017

Outstanding Geotechnical Engineer and Researcher, Dr Antonio Marinucci will act as marketing agent for the AnchorTest software package (configured for iPads; www.anchortest.info) and SBMA technology in the US and Canada.  Dr Marinucci is also a recently inducted member of the Geo-Trust network.










Dr Marinucci and Dr Mothersille seal the deal in Honolulu, Hawaii















The Geo-Trust network hold meeting during the 5th International Grouting Conference in Honolulu, Hawaii – July 2017

Some of the geotechnical engineering specialists, forming part of the Geo-Trust collective, took advantage of their attendance at the 5th international grouting conference to convene a group meeting.  The group discussed current workloads, interesting developments and future collaborations.









From right to left: Dr Antonia Marinucci, Dr Devon Mothersille, Dr Donald Bruce, Mr Max Bruce (Donald’s son), Dr Trevor Carter, Professor Stefan Jefferies, Dr David Yang






Dr Devon Mothersille delivers presentation in Honolulu, Hawaii – July 2017

Dr Devon Mothersille presented a paper entitled ‘Overcoming the challenges of grouting ultra-high capacity anchors dam in jointed quarzitic sandstone’ at the 5th International Grouting Conference, held between 9th-12th July 2017 in beautiful Honolulu, Hawaii. Over a four day period the well-attended conference provided three keynote lectures and technical sessions covering a broad spectrum of subjects including grouting case histories, drilling/grouting and deep mixing/ diaphragm walls.










Dr Mothersille during his presentation within the technical session on Drilling and Grouting







Dr Devon Mothersille presents at Ingerop headquarters in Paris – June 2017

Following a special invitation from Ingerop’s senior management, Dr Devon Mothersille delivered a presentation to Directors from Ingerop (France), Ingerop (South Africa) and Geos (a subsidiary of Ingerop France).

This initiative was designed to further strengthen relationships and explore new markets for consultancy services with respect to ground anchor applications worldwide.

Several exciting possibilities were discussed included the delivery of major projects in Kenya, Democratic Republic of Congo and Mozambique.












Dr Devon Mothersille and Mr Neel Daya (CEO, Ingerop South Africa) meet at Ingerop headquarters in Paris, France


Working Group meeting for committee ISO/TC 182 held over two days in Lisbon, Portugal – May 2017

The work of the committee ISO/TC 182/WG3 continues with the successful evaluation of 171 comments on the draft European standard for the testing of grouted anchors  ISO DIS 22477-5. In all some 325 comments were evaluated over two separate meetings, the first of which took place in London in early April 2017. The task of seeking resolution to the 325 comments was further complicated by the fact that there are three test types and three test methods associated with the test types. In addition, there are several member countries that adopt variations to the different test methods.  Despite this, there is no question that the meetings in both London and, more recently, in Lisbon where successful.

On the basis of the evaluation of comments, the document will be amended and resubmitted to the Working Group for further assessment over the coming months.








Attendees at the ISO/TC 182/WG 3 meeting from left to right;

Mr Joao Pina (Expert, Portugal), Mr Tarmo Tarkkio (Expert, Finland), Mr Yves Legendre (Expert, France), ), Mr Ole Muller (Expert, Denmark), Ms Eva Dornecker (Expert, Germany, Mr Chris Irvin (Expert, UK), Dr Devon Mothersille (Expert and Chairman, UK), Mr Klaus, Dietz (Expert, Germany), Mr Julien Habert (Expert, France), Dr Mariana Carvalho (Expert, Portugal) and Mr Magnus Ruin (Expert, Switzerland).

Dr Devon Mothersille delivers lecture in Austin, Texas – May 2017

Dr Devon Mothersille delivered a lecture entitled ‘An Introduction to High Capacity Anchors in Soils and Weak Rocks’ to the 38th Annual Short Course: Grouting Fundamentals & Current Practice, held at the University of Texas in Austin.

This forms part of an annual commitment to the short course and Dr Mothersille was honoured to share the stage with a host of high calibre international grouting experts. The subject matter was varied, covering many aspects of grouting technology, methods and applications in a variety of geological conditions.








Dr Mothersille prepares for the delivery of his lecture at the University of Texas








Dr Mothersille is introduced to the audience by Professor Scott Kieffer at the University of Texas, International Grouting Workshop


Team BMW commissioned by CEATI to undertake complex anchor study – May 2017

A dream team comprising Dr Donald Bruce, Dr Devon Mothersille and Mr John Wolfhope (BMW) have been engaged by The Centre for Energy Advancement through Technological Innovation (CEATI) to undertake a study of world dam anchor practice in a bid to produce a Best Practice Guidance Manual for North American dams. CEATI based in Montreal, Canada is an influential trade organisation with a specific remit to improve technology that can facilitate further development and maintenance of dams which form an essential feature of the national energy enhancement infrastructure.

Dr Donald Bruce (Geosystems), Dr Devon Mothersille and Mr John Wolfhope (Freese & Nichols) recently met in Austin, Texas to develop forward strategies for the effective delivery of the project. This successful meeting has confirmed that many months of hard work lie ahead but this will undoubtedly result in a landmark study that will tremendously benefit the dam anchor industry worldwide.








John Wolfhope, Donald Bruce and Devon Mothersille meet at Freese and Nichols offices in Austin, Texas