Successful grouting short course in Austin, Texas – 12-16 February 2018

Dr Devon Mothersille presents at the international grouting workshop in Austin, Texas

The international short grouting course was held at the Engineering Education and Research Centre at the University of Texas this year. The course was attended by engineers from Albania, Australia, Bolivia, Canada, Italy, the United Kingdom and the United States.

Dr Mothersille shared the stage with established grouting experts and delivered his annual lecture on high capacity anchors in soils and weak rocks. This year the lecture involved engaging the audience in an interactive exercise aimed at illustrating the concept of progressive debonding on an elastic tendon bonded to the ground by grout. In addition, Dr mothersille presented the key features of AnchorTest, the innovative real-time data management software that has massively optimised the mandatory anchor testing process.

Special thanks are due to Dr TAntonio Marinucci (US representative for SBMA technology and  AnchorTest software) who flew down to Austin from New York to attend meetings with Dr Devon Mothersille and Dr Donald Bruce.









Dr Mothersille presenting at the international grouting workshop in Austin, Texas











Dr Devon Mothersille and Dr Antonio Marinucci visit Texas Capitol in Austin