Anchor technology seminar delivered to Lancuyen representative – May 2017

Senior Geotechnical design engineer from Chilean Foundation contractor Lancuyen, Mr Rafael Martinez, attended a specially organised two day ‘one-on-one’ seminar with Dr Devon Mothersille. This unusual initiative was requested by Lancuyen in order to accelerate their knowledge in ground anchor technology. During the intense two-day interactive knowledge sharing session, case histories were described which covered aspects of design, construction, testing and monitoring of ground anchors. New technologies such as AnchorTest were discussed and demonstrated together with detailed descriptions and evaluation of the Single Bore Multiple Anchor system. Lancuyen are currently considering the use of the SBMA system for a major slope stabilisation project in Chile and this was also discussed in detail.








Special anchor seminar took place in the beautiful surroundings of the Royal Over-Seas League in Mayfair, London, UK







Mr Rafael Martinez and Dr Devon Mothersille during the special one-on-one anchor seminar held at the Royal Over-Seas League at Mayfair in London, UK




Removable SBMA trials in Abu Dhabi due to commence in June 2017

Following the award of the contract to provide consultancy services and removable anchor technology on the Corniche Tower project in Abu Dhabi, preparations are underway for a series of anchor trials scheduled for June 2017.  SBMA Ltd will use the services of experienced driller/grouter/anchor installer Mr David Hayes to supervise the initial tendon manufacture and installations for the trial anchors. The tendon components were provided by DECA s.r.l  ( and additional consultancy support by Geoserve Global Ltd (www.geoserve








Mr David Hayes and Dr Devon Mothersille discuss new developments with removable SBMA technology that will be implemented in Abu Dhabi




Ingerop South Africa acquires licence for AnchorTest – May 2017

Outstanding engineering consultant Ingerop South Africa (ISA) has purchased a licence to use the innovative software package AnchorTestTM ( ISA ( has an increasing portfolio of projects within, and outside South Africa, and will use the software package to enhance their design and site supervision capabilities on projects that utilise ground anchor technology.

Dr Devon Mothersille visits tendon manufacturer DECA s.r.l in Genoa, Italy – May 2017

Dr Devon Mothersille attended technical meetings and visited SBMA’s certified anchor tendon manufacturer DECA s.r.l. in Genoa, Italy. Over the years DECA has provided a high quality, reliable and professional service in providing geotechnical hardware on SBMA projects worldwide.

They have now expanded their portfolio beyond the supply of removable SBMA tendons to tendons for permanent anchor systems and monobar systems for both anchors and soil nails.  Substantial technical improvements have been implemented which allow DECA to deliver their high quality products in relatively short timescales.

Further to successful technical meetings DECA have agreed to act as agents for sale of the new innovative AnchorTest software licence which was developed, and is supported, by AnchorTest Ltd.








Mr Gianni Carnabuci (CEO DECA s.r.l) and Dr Devon Mothersille discuss technical innovations at the DECA factory in Genoa, Italy








Dr Devon Mothersille questions Mr Gianni Carnabuci about the product range and manufacturing developments








Dr Devon Mothersille and Mr Gianni Carnabuci enjoy the scenery at Boccadasse in Genoa, Italy

SBMA Ltd win major anchor contract in Abu Dhabi – April 2017

SBMA Ltd has successfully secured the contract to provide the technology and consultancy support for the removable anchor systems that will be used for part of the temporary foundation support scheme at the Corniche Tower project site in Abu Dhabi. The anchors will support diaphragm and secant pile walls that will form a 4-basement excavation.  The construction of multi-storey residential buildings will commence after the completion of the basement systems.







Architect’s impression of the Corniche Tower project.

SBMA Ltd will partner with BAUER INTERNATIONAL FZE, the Middle East subsidiary of the German giant Bauer Group. This heralds an important step for both companies and is viewed as the start of a long-term relationship.










Aerial view of the Corniche Tower site during construction.

Comments resolution meeting held at British Standards Institution, London, UK – 5th/6th APRIL 2017

As Chairman of Working Group 3 (part of the Technical Committee 182), Dr Devon Mothersille convened a meeting of pan European anchor experts to evaluate some 325 comments received on prEN ISO 22477-5 (Geotechnical investigation and testing – Testing of geotechnical structures – Part 5: Testing of grouted anchors). Over a two day period 12 attendees evaluated the comments and scrutinised the draft document, clause by clause. During a very productive and highly technical session considerable progress was made and this was due to the wealth of experience and technical expertise provided by the working group members.

The lunches for the delegates were sponsored by Single Bore Multiple Anchor Limited and the evening meal was sponsored by Dywidag Systems International. Many thanks are also due to Ms Jennifer Harris for her contributions with the administration and real-time editing and collating of information during the discussions.








Intense activity during TC 182/WG3 meeting at BSI, London.

From left to right: Dr Devon Mothersille (Chairman), Mr Ole Møller (Denmark), Mr Arne Simonsen (Norway), Mr Chris Irvin (UK), Mr Magnus Ruin (Sweden), Mr Tarmo Tarkkio (Finland), Mr Klaus Dietz (Germany), and Ms Eva Dornecker (Germany). Also attending but not in the photograph were Ms Mariana de Carvalho (Portugal), Mr Yves Legendre (France), Mr Julien Habert (France) and Mr Stefan Wachter (Switzerland). 








Devon Mothersille, Ole Møller and Chris Irvin focus on restructuring clauses of the draft testing standard during the TC 182/WG3 meeting at BSI, London.








Delegates enjoy food and wine at a local restaurant after a demanding day.






Synergy between Geoserve Global/SBMA and Ingerop South Africa grows stronger – Mar 2017

Synergy, collaboration, teamwork and cooperation were just some of the words used during discussions between Dr Mothersille and Ingerop’s CEO Mr Neel Daya. It is anticipated that this successful alliance will strengthen for many years to come and will extend beyond the borders of Southern Africa.










Dr Devon Mothersille enjoys a meal with senior members of the Ingerop South Africa (ISA) team.

From left to right: Duane Booyse (ISA), Adam Botha (ISA), Neel Daya (ISA), Devon Mothersille (GGL/SBMA), Jean Pierre (ISA) and Andrew Pillay (ISA)