Landmark deal achieved between SBMA Ltd and Chilean foundation contractor – April 2019

CONSTRUCTORA LANCUYEN LTDA is a ground engineering contractor based in Chile. As part of an ongoing strategy Lancuyen have resolved to embrace new innovation and technologies in order to increase market share and allow them to undertake more challenging geotechnical engineering projects. Extensive liaison with Lancuyen’s Technical Manager Mr Rafael Martinez has culminated in agreement to implement SBMA technology within the region of Chile. SBMA Ltd’s Managing Director, Dr Devon Mothersille believes that this heralds an exciting era for both companies who share similar ambitions and vision. Preliminary SBMA tendon designs have already been completed for the substantial deep excavation support systems required for the Quilpué project in Chile.










Rafafel Martinez and Devon Mothersille seal the deal with a handshake










Devon Mothersille, José Quiroz and Rafafel Martinez discuss technical details on the Quilpué Project


Dr Devon Mothersille attends the Expert Witness Conference in London – April 2019

On Friday 5th April  2019, Dr Devon Mothersille attended the Expert Witness Conference held at University of London Conference Central. The conference helped to expand the knowledge and practical skills of expert witnesses instructed in commercial, construction, property and professional negligence claims. In addition, experts were given an opportunity to evaluate their roles and responsibilities during litigation and alternative dispute mechanisms and learn from leading practitioners who shared their knowledge and experience with enthusiasm and use of anecdotes, case studies and even role play.

The sessions were both enjoyable and highly informative and certainly helped to build on knowledge gained by Dr Mothersille when he successfully completed the programme; Legal Experience Training Advanced Professional Award in Expert Witness Evidence.










Director of Legal Experience Training Penny Harper delivers the opening address at conference








Delegates enjoy networking during the conference

Detailed canal wall integrity inspections completed at Neptune Wharf, London – March 2019

Building contractor Hill Partnerships Ltd have engaged the services of Dr Devon Mothersille (through his company Geoserve Global Ltd) to undertake a detailed integrity inspection and assessment of a canal wall near the Olympic Park in East London. The canal wall comprises sections of cantilevered sheet pile wall, anchored sheet pile wall (using deadman anchors) and a brick/masonry section; all of which have suffered various degrees of degradation. The complexity of the work has necessitated that Geoserve Global Ltd engage corrosion specialists Intertek (based in Manchester), structural engineers David Smith Associates (based in Northampton), geotechnical design engineers Remedy Geotechnics (based in Daventry) and canal boat specialists Safety Boats UK (based in Hertfordshire).

Hill Partnerships Ltd are constructing Phase 3 of the prestigious Fish Island residential development and the canal wall forms an important part of the project infrastructure. It is anticipated that the integrity assessment report will completed early May 2019 and Phase 3 of the residential development completed in 2021.







Overview showing brick/masonry and anchored sections of the canal wall at Neptune Wharf










Geoff Coates (Intertek) carries out ultra-sonic tests to determine sheet pile wall thickness














Devon Mothersille examines tie-bar heads under the guidance of boat skipper Guy Trees (Safety Boats UK)

Dr Devon Mothersille presents at the 40th International Grouting Fundamentals Course – Austin, Texas – March 2019

The 40th International Grouting Fundamentals course was held at the Engineering Education and Research Centre at the University of Texas. Dr Mothersille shared the stage with established grouting experts including the world-renowned Mr Jim Warner who is still actively lecturing at 87 years old! In addition, to covering the theory and application of grouted anchor systems in soils and weak rocks, Dr Mothersille also presented the key features of AnchorTest, the innovative real-time data management software that has massively optimised the mandatory anchor testing process.

Special thanks are due to Dr Donald Bruce who donated 10 minutes of this own talk time to allow Dr Mothersille to deliver a more effective presentation with a substantial case study.

Dr Mothersille sets up presentation before the audience arrives




Dr Donald Bruce describes small hole drill methods and techniques











Mr Jim Warner addresses the audience and is still going strong at 87 years old!



Eurocode 7 task group enjoy a productive meeting in Brussels – Feb/Mar 2019

As the UK representative on committee TC 250/WG3/TG5: Anchors, Dr Devon Mothersille attended a two day meeting with nine other European colleagues in Brussels. The meeting was hosted by Convener Mr Noel Huybrechts at the headquarters of Belgian Building Research Institute.

The clauses related to anchor design within Eurocode 7 (EC7) are currently undergoing the obligatory 5 year review. Even at this relatively early stage in the process special congratulations should be given to the efforts of EC7-3, Project Team 5 member, Mr Klaus Dietz, for his analysis and descriptions of the various approaches to anchored structure design adopted across Europe.

The meeting was both intense and demanding but resulted in positive consensus on a number of issues and this should serve to create an improved document.









TG5 Convenor Mr Noel Huybrechts describes crucial dimensions within the fixed anchor location and how they are defined within EC7-3









From left to right: Ms Alexandra Ene (Romania), Mr Adriaan Van Seters (Netherlands), Mr Klaus Dietz (Germany) and Mr  Arne Schram Simonsen (Norway)

Collaboration to be established with Coffey Geotechnics – Feb 2019

In a bid to increase and improve their presence within the industry, both Dr Devon Mothersille and Coffey Geotechnics have initiated meetings that will develop firm links and strong future collaboration on geotechnical engineering projects worldwide. Where appropriate, as Managing Director of specialist ground anchor consultancies Geoserve Global Ltd, SBMA Ltd and AnchorTest Ltd, Dr Mothersille will join forces with Coffey Geotechnics in a way that is mutually beneficial to both parties. It is envisaged that this will involve collaboration on expert witness appointments as well as projects requiring geotechnical design and evaluation.  In this regard very useful discussions were held with Coffey Principal Geotechnical Engineers Jane Belton and Erica Wilcox who will play important roles in future liaison

Senior Coffey Associates Dr Caesar Merrifield and Mr Eugene Gallagher were instrumental in arranging a special Master Class in grouted anchor technology which was delivered by Dr Mothersille at Coffey’s UK headquarters in Manchester. The audience, which comprised geologists, geotechnical engineers and members from Coffey’s senior management were exposed to extensive information on the current state-of-the-art, and this included updates on the status of standards and codes affecting UK practice as well as descriptions of landmark case studies and strategies for maintenance and inspections of grouted anchors in service.

Enjoy some images from the event









Dr Mothersille describes the effective use of innovative AnchorTest software for real-time data analysis during anchor testing









Dr Mothersille describes the use of a soft-pack (or bond length isolator) during the fabrication of high capacity test anchors at Hazelmere Dam, South Africa









Dr Mothersille describes the use of hydraulically synchronised stressing jacks for five unit single bore multiple anchors installed to support retaining structures along the M11, Stansted, UK

Dr Mothersille visits Design Consultants ARCADIS in Birmingham, UK – Jan 2019

Design consultants ARCADIS have secured significant amounts of geotechnical design work related to the HS2 project and as part of an ongoing initiative to improve the knowledge and awareness of their design team, they invited Dr Mothersille to deliver a lunchtime presentation on SBMA technology. ARCADIS anticipate that multistage anchor technology could prove useful on forthcoming HS2 contracts where large retaining structures are proposed in cohesive soils.

The presentation lasted approximately 1 hour and a short Q & A session was allowed for at the end. The feedback was very positive and certainly indicated that considerable benefits were derived for those engineers that attended.












Dr Mothersille addresses geotechnical design engineers at ARCADIS in Birmingham, UK