Anchor technology seminar delivered to Lancuyen representative – May 2017

Senior Geotechnical design engineer from Chilean Foundation contractor Lancuyen, Mr Rafael Martinez, attended a specially organised two day ‘one-on-one’ seminar with Dr Devon Mothersille. This unusual initiative was requested by Lancuyen in order to accelerate their knowledge in ground anchor technology. During the intense two-day interactive knowledge sharing session, case histories were described which covered aspects of design, construction, testing and monitoring of ground anchors. New technologies such as AnchorTest were discussed and demonstrated together with detailed descriptions and evaluation of the Single Bore Multiple Anchor system. Lancuyen are currently considering the use of the SBMA system for a major slope stabilisation project in Chile and this was also discussed in detail.








Special anchor seminar took place in the beautiful surroundings of the Royal Over-Seas League in Mayfair, London, UK







Mr Rafael Martinez and Dr Devon Mothersille during the special one-on-one anchor seminar held at the Royal Over-Seas League at Mayfair in London, UK





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